auf wiedersehen, 2008

The author of one of the awesome blogs I read posted a list of things that happened in the year since her last birthday (she turned 35, damn it), and I thought it was an awesome post. I am posting something similar, only, this post covers the year 2008, instead of the year between birthdays. I am sure I cannot compare to her awesomeness, and I am sure I will miss some things, but here's my futile attempt.

2008: A Year In Review
ο I had an evil monster (Mirena) expelled from my uterus
ο I cried & celebrated when my son turned 2
ο I spent some time in a job trailer
ο I got a 12% raise at work - because I asked for it (and deserve it)
ο I celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss
ο I thought I was losing my mind, and was relieved to learn it was just the IUD making me crazy
ο I celebrated my husband's vasectomy
ο I traveled to NY 2 times - NYC and Niagara Falls
ο I got locked out of my house, and out of my running car and spent 2 hours outside in 25 degree weather dressed for work, not dressed for "outside". I cried when my husband finally saved me
ο I got a new tattoo
ο I celebrated 9 years of being smoke-free
ο I joined weight watchers (again) and am struggling to lose the "baby" weight
ο I donated clothing to Goodwill and shoes to Soles4Souls
ο I donated more shoes than I purchased this year
ο I sold stuff on eBay
ο I dreamed about cigarettes
ο I reconnected with some long-lost friends
ο I started blogging
ο I joined a gym (and actually go occasionally)
ο I celebrated my son's 3rd Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...and all the other holidays after May 19th
ο I proudly voted for Barack Obama, and sobbed when he won the election
ο My house has a new driveway and is partially insulated
ο I took my son to the Emergency Room for the 1st time
ο I took my son to the Emergency Room for the 2nd time
ο At 38, I am the oldest person in my office
ο I mourned the loss of a parent of 4 of my friends, and the loss of 1 friends husband
ο I missed my 20 year high school reunion
ο I celebrated my husbands 10% pay cut...it beats losing his job altogether*
ο I attended my first NYC wedding
ο I proudly put a political sign in my yard for the 1st time
ο I supported my husband as he prosecuted one of his employees for assault
ο I celebrated 5 years with my employer
ο I went to my high school homecoming, to catch up with friends I missed at the 20 yr reunion - it was the first football game of any kind I have attended in, oh, 20 years
ο I converted our spare bedroom into a playroom for the boy, and he loves it
ο I re-connected with my long-lost niece, who turned 18 this year
ο I got a Blackberry and now completely understand the moniker
ο I still love the taste of beer, but rarely drink it or any other alcohol
ο I gave support to friends who were diagnosed with Hepatitus C and Stage 2 Breast Cancer
ο I gave Bratwurst a second chance and have decided it's not half bad

*More exciting news on this later…

All in all, it was a good year for us. A few bumps and bruises but I think you can always expect that.

Here's to 2009. The year of ME, where I intend to get the weight off, get my back fixed/aligned, get my acne cleared up, get my hair cut off, get another tattoo or two, and many many other things.


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Shit, Deb - just saw this:
Does this affect Dan's job?

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